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Your First Step! SPARC Rehabilitation Center adopts an ingeniously developed assessment tool called the D.A.P. (Dynamic Assessment Profile). This tool is based on child observation and identifies the skills that he/she possesses. At the same time, it also taps into their learning potential and is highly interactive and process oriented. For more information on the Dynamic Assessment Protocol technique, you can refer the American Speech & Hearing Association link (ASHA)

Speech Therapy

Once a child is assessed for a primary disorder, the next step is building a customized early intervention program (IEP). SPARC Rehabilitation Centre specializes in providing intervention modules on the basis of evidence-based practices from various globally researched programs for a holistic communication development of your child. We also conduct Online Therapy Sessions based on prior assessment.

Feeding Therapy

Families who eat together tend to be healthier and happier. SPARC Rehabilitation Center offers assessments and therapy in the area of Feeding /Swallowing difficulties. Please get in touch with us in case you feel feeding is an area of concern for your child and you need help with it. Our team is certified in multiple levels of oral motor therapy techniques.

Group Programs

Group programs focus on social skills development in children with difficulties in making friends, playing in a group cooperatively, following rules, limited imagination skills and increased tantrums. Our group programs are designed for children between 3 years to 18 years. The pivot of this curriculum is the social emotional learning in a vibrant and organic environment, with structured progress tracking, personalized expertise and generalizing social proficiency in daily settings.

Parent Education

Family based intervention is the heart of SPARC Rehabilitation Centre programs. We conduct monthly parent training courses covering a wide range of topics from Behaviour Management ( Act. React) and Language Development (Hanen - More Than Words, It Takes Two To Talk, Talk Ability) to Building Play Routines (Play Module). The course is recommended based on the parent concerns, family structure, interaction time and the child’s communication profile.


We work individually with each family to Understand their specific needs

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